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On July 1, NDM 2018 Organizing Committee prepared cultural tour for participants.
You can find the detailed tour course and schedule below and please note that the schedule and course are subject to be changed.
You may register for the cultural tour on the online registration page later.

UNESCO Baekje Cultural Tour

Date July 1, 2017 (Sun)
Time 09:00 ~ 17:00
Itinerary IBS HQ → Jeongnimsaji Temple Site → Busosanseong Fortress → Lunch → Tomb of King Muryeong → Gongsanseong Fortress → IBS HQ
* Lunch is included (Menu : TBA)
Description The Jeongnimsaji Temple Site, located in the heart of Buyeo, is one of the most well-known temple sites dating from the Baekje period. It is surrounded by mountains, which Geumseongsan located on its east and Busosan on its north. Jeongnisamji, which was situated at the center of the capital during the Sabi period, contains a stone pagoda, with an inscription describing the story of how the Tang dynasty caused the fall of Baekje. This implies that Jeongnimsa was a symbolic place that shared the same fate as the Baekje Kingdom.

Busosanseong Fortress, which are the ruins of a royal palace dating from the Sabi period of Baekje (538~660), are located in the north part of Buyeo. Busosan Mountain stands 106m tall, and the peak overlooks the winding Baengmagang River that envelops the city. Busosanseong Fortress traverses the ridges and valleys of this mountain, and on the southern foothills lies the Archaeological Site in Gwanbuk-ri, which is the Baekje palace site from the Sabi period.

The Royal Tomb of King Muryeong is the tomb of the 25th king of Baekje and his queen. It is a rare occasion for the identiy of the ancient tomb's occupant to be revealed. The tomb had remained perfectly intact and unrobbed with over 4,600 artifacts unearthed, which held great historical value and became added assets to the ancient art history studies.

Gongju Gongsanseong Fortress was called Ungjinseong Fortress in the Baekje Era and later became known as Gongsanseong after the Goryeo Dynasty. The fortress stretches from Gongsan Moutain's summit to a smaller peak to the west. Gongsanseong Fortress not only has historical value but also a stunning night view that had drawn many tourists wishing to capture the beautiful nightscape.